Heritage bonus





The mission of ASSOCASTELLI is to promote and enhance the Italian historic, architectural and real estate heritage, through the development of commercial and tourist activities.

A particular attention is dedicated to conservation, recovery, maintenance and restoration activities on historical homes and residences; Gruppo di conservazione e restauro, where Bianchessi s.n.c. joined, was born for this reason.

Heritage Bonus is an initiative of Assocastelli dedicated to conservation and restoration interventions: it intends to provide Italian owners with a concrete incentive to carry out maintenance, recovery, restoration works on historical houses and residences, but also on furnishings and on the works of art kept.

This is a non-repayable grant, paid by Assocastelli, up to a maximum of 25% of the budgeted amount for the execution of the works.

The total amount of the works (including the design) must not exceed the 200,000 euro threshold. To take advantage of the bonus it is necessary to follow a very simple procedural procedure, in two phases: an exploratory interview and related technical inspection.

The only bond of the initiative is the assignment of the works to a subsidiary company, such as Bianchessi s.n.c.

It is an interesting possibility both for the owners and for the companies and professionals that operate in this sector and contribute to the enhancement of the Italian architectural heritage.