At Bianchessi, we have had a passion for years: to give value to time and to artefacts in order to rediscover and enhance details and things done well. This passion has grown over the years, involving new generations and transforming into a profession.


Every day, our team researches, analyses, recovers and gives new life to antique precious woods, cotto tile floors, centuries-old beams, bricks, “tavella” clay blocks and everything that man created for the prestigious homes of yesteryear.


Today, these individual pieces of history, doggedly rescued from destruction, enter into the homes and gardens of those who, in addition to beauty, appreciate the ingenuity and effort used in creating these artefacts.


In a continuous evolutionary phase, we have decided to create a new showroom where architects, designers, agents or simple enthusiasts can view the materials, the unexpected solutions and the hard to find pieces.

We do not have a catalogue because we have nothing that can be catalogued. A cotto tiled floor, over 200 years old, which retains all the marks of time and which has absorbed light for decades of years cannot be described in words; a photograph is not enough. It must be touched, seen and heard. Yes, heard, because walking on an ancient cotto tiled floor gives off a sound and sensations that no catalogue can describe; it is an experience involving all the senses.


This is not a letter of introduction, but an invitation to come and see us, even just to talk about beautiful things, like those that we choose every day for our customers.